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Rio Branco Alveomesh

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Rio Branco Alveomesh from Veja is a conscious and stylish sneaker made from leather, rubber and an Alveomesh upper. 

Alveomesh is a technical fabric made exclusively from recycled polyester. It brings breathability, flexibility and lightness to the shoe. Suede is made from the underside of the leather that is brushed to make it softer and more flexible. It comes from the Rio Grande do Sul farms. It is tanned in Brazil, respecting the REACH norms. Very special attention is paid to the water usage during the tanning process. The suede is coated with water-repellent oils to protect the shoes from a light rain. It’s certified by the Leather Working Group (L.W.G) which promotes sustainable environmental practices of leather manufacturers.

- Upper in Alveomesh (100% recycled polyester)
 - Pannels in Suede & Leather
- Side V Logo in Rubber and Rice Waste (22%)
- Organic cotton laces (100%)
- Midsole made from sugar cane (52%)
- Glued outsole made of Amazon rubber (12%) & rice waste (30%)
 - Insole made of sugar cane (40%), organic cotton (12%), amazonian rubber (11%) & recycled E.V.A.* (11%)
- Tech inner lining (100% recycled polyester) developed to acquire a better resistance to friction and provide maximum comfort and flexibility thanks to its mesh structure.


  • Ovandel: Alveomesh (100% återvunnen polyester)
  • mocka
  • läder - Sidor: V Logo i återvunnet gummi och ris (22%)

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  • Product name: Rio Branco Alveomesh
  • Item number 166286
  • Color: Beige
  • SKU: RBM012382
  • Supplier model name: Rio Branco Alveomesh
  • Gender: Man
  • Color: Vit
  • Supplier color: White/Pierre/Natural