Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as ”you” or the “customer”) with Zoovillage AB, Org. no.: 556632–1914, VAT: SE556632191401 (hereinafter referred to as the "company" or "zoovillage"). All goods continue to be the property of Zoovillage until full payment has been received by the company.

By using Zoovillage.com and/or placing an order, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set out in this document (“Terms and Conditions of Sale”). Be sure that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions before you place your order.

The fact that products or services are provided at zoovillage.com at any given time does not imply or guarantee that these products or services will always be available. We reserve the right to discontinue the sale and availability of a product at any time.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as needed without providing prior notice to you. The version of the terms and conditions that applies to your order is the version that is available at zoovillage.com at the time you place your order.

Zoovillage strives to provide the best possible online experience, and in order to achieve this goal, we must ensure that our terms and conditions are accepted and adhered to. You understand and agree to refrain from publishing, transmitting, redistributing, uploading or promoting any communication or content that could harm or negatively impact our company, business, products or services; from acting in any way or using any device that restricts, prevents, disrupts or completely blocks any other user from using or benefiting from the website zoovillage.com or that affects the security of the website; or from using any device or attempting to use any search engine, software, tool, agent, script, or other device or mechanism (including, but not limited to, spiders, bots, crawlers, avatars, or intelligent software agents) to navigate or search the website content or copy content from the website. In the event that a user violates this clause or any other clause in these Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to deny said user access to the website and close the user’s accounts with immediate effect.

§ 2 Prices

The prices listed on Zoovillage.com are indicated including value added tax and excluding shipping costs. The prices indicated on the website are the current prices, as Zoovillage does not offer any price guarantees.

Customs duties and additional VAT may apply for deliveries to countries outside the EU Customs and VAT Union. Any costs for such additional fees will be payable by you as the customer. Zoovillage is not responsible for these costs.We are not responsible for any printing or typographical errors.Zoovillage.com has no minimum order amount.Our prices are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, such as significant changes in commodity prices, currency fluctuations or changes in VAT.

§ 3 Fees

When you order at Zoovillage, the cost of shipping your package is added as well as any costs that may apply for your selected payment method. If you would like to return an item or your entire order, you are responsible for the cost of shipping (return shipping).

Read more about shipping costs

Read more about return fees here

Read more about fees that may apply to your order here

The shipping costs for each individual order are the same regardless of the size or weight of your order.

Costs for the different delivery methods are clearly indicated in the checkout steps.

If we are unable to deliver your full order in a single shipment and need to split the order into multiple deliveries, you will not be charged any additional fees for multiple deliveries.

For unclaimed packages, we need to charge a handling fee of SEK 300 for the unclaimed shipment.

Fees are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, such as significant changes in commodity prices, currency fluctuations or changes in VAT.

§ 4 Sales, promotions and discount codes

We reserve the right to remove items or change prices during any sale or promotion period without providing you with prior notification. In case of changes in sale prices, we are not required to compensate you for the price difference but will refer you to the right to withdraw and place a new order.

The price indicated on Zoovillage.com is the actual price of the product and cannot be influenced by you as a customer. The total amount you see at checkout and which you approve upon completion of your purchase is the total amount you have committed to under the terms and conditions and which must be paid. The total amount cannot be changed after the purchase is completed. We reserve the right to fulfil your order with longer handling times during sales and promotions.

Discount codes with a limited validity period, which are distributed as part of a promotion or upon the delivery of purchases, may only be used one time and under the terms and conditions established for each individual code. We reserve the right to exclude certain brands or products from the discount code. We take no responsibility for discount codes obtained by means other than from Zoovillage and cannot guarantee that the information provided in such a discount code is accurate.

5 Ordering and establishing agreements

You place your order online via Zoovillage.com. We have no physical stores, therefore, all orders must be placed via Zoovillage.com. We take no responsibility for any errors that may occur if you place your order through a site other than Zoovillage.com.

Once you have placed your order, we will send you an email confirmation that your order has been received. An order confirmation will then be sent confirming that we have shipped your order. We reserve the right to cancel orders or remove items from orders made for multiple quantities of a single item. If we are unable to send your order or part of your order for any reason, we will notify you of this as soon as possible, however, no later than the date we send your order confirmation.

If this occurs and we have already received payment for such an order, we will refund the relevant amount using the same payment method you used when you placed your order. Depending on the delivery method you have selected, the carrier will contact you with information about your package.

Any communication from the Zoovillage website will be made to the email that the customer specified at the time of order.

§ 6 Right to return

If you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, you have the right to return the product within 14 days from the date you receive your package. The right to return applies to all goods regardless of price or promotion with the exception of underwear and swimwear bottoms for hygiene reasons. You have the right to open the packaging carefully to verify that the product is free of defects. If you would like to make a return, follow the instructions

At certain times, the right to return may be extended to the advantage of the customer, for example, during public holidays or in the event of delays at the time of delivery.

If you have already been charged for the items, you will receive a refund which includes any additional shipping costs charged by Zoovillage. If you choose to keep some items and only do a partial return for your order, shipping costs will not be refunded, that is, the cost added to your order for shipping. You can find the full Terms and Conditions for returns

7 Incorrect items

If you receive an incorrect item, notify Zoovillage customer service without delay and wait for further instructions. For items that were sent incorrectly by Zoovillage, these will be exchanged for the correct item, provided that the item is in stock. We must receive the incorrect item before we can ship the correct item to you. Zoovillage is responsible for return shipping costs and the cost of resending the correct item. If the item is not in stock, you may return the incorrect item for a full refund including any return shipping costs.

The provisions in these Terms and Conditions do not limit rights afforded to you under applicable law.

§ 8 Returns

Zoovillage guarantees a full refund for your return. Zoovillage does not refund shipping costs for returns that you are responsible for as a customer.

Read more about the return process and fees

In order to receive a full refund, items must be returned in the same condition as they were received by you. Items must be in new, unused condition for returns to be approved. This means that the returned items must be free of damage and may not be soiled, washed, altered or worn (other than to try on the product) and that any labels, tags and original packaging are intact and that shoe boxes are returned in the condition in which they were received.

We will not grant a full refund for returns that do not meet the requirement for items to be in an unaltered condition. If we do not grant a full refund, we will inform you of the reason by email. As a customer, you can decide whether you would like us to send such product back to you or discard it. If you would like the product returned to you, you will have to pay for the additional shipping costs. If we do not receive a response from a customer within 30 days, the returned product will be discarded.

You may try on the product very carefully, however, the product must not be altered in any way. Products excluded from the above policy which may not be tried on are underwear and swimwear bottoms, for hygiene reasons.

NOTE: We do not accept packages that are sent cash on delivery, registered packages/letters or similar.

§ 9 Complaints

A complaint relates to an original defect in the product, for example, a manufacturing defect. Complaints do not relate to normal wear and tear on the product. Please contact us immediately if you discover a defect on any item you have purchased. Read more about how to submit a product complaint and the complaints process here

We process complaints on a case-by-case basis, therefore, the process can take up to 4 weeks from the date you first notified us of the defect. We will get back to you by email as soon as we have made an initial assessment; we will then inform you how we will proceed in the process. Save your packing slip/receipt until the complaint process is complete. If your complaint is approved, we are responsible for shipping, return shipping and additional costs relating to the product for which you have submitted a complaint.

Zoovillage AB complies with the Swedish Consumer Sales Act; this law gives you the right to submit a complaint about a product within 3 years, provided the product was defective at the time of delivery. The right to submit a complaint applies regardless of whether the defect is visible or hidden. Read more about the Swedish Consumer Sales Act

In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved between Zoovillage and you as a customer, we recommend that you contact the National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) in Sweden. We always follow the board’s recommendations. Read more about the National Board for Consumer Complaints here

 10 Payment

Klarna Checkout

Zoovillage offers Klarna Checkout as a secure payment option for private customers.

Klarna Checkout presents specific information about you as soon as your identity is verified. The information that must be entered to verify your identity can vary depending on the purchase, market and customer.
Once your identity is verified, Klarna Checkout shows all the payment options that are available to you. Available payment options may vary from time to time.

We are not responsible for any additional fees that may apply to your order when you complete your purchase through Klarna.
No immediate credit check is made when you use Klarna Checkout, but credit checks may be made, if necessary, depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit checks performed by Klarna do not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by other parties who request access to your credit information, for example, banks.

You can choose to protect your purchase when using Klarna Checkout by using a PIN code.

Read the Terms and Conditions for Klarna Checkout

If you have any questions regarding payment, you should contact Klarna directly.

Zoovillage is unable to answer questions about your payment since after your purchase is confirmed, all payment questions are handled by Klarna.
You can reach Klarna customer service here

COD (Cash on delivery)

Cash on delivery is the ideal payment method for customers who wish to pay for their order at the time of delivery. Payment is made to UPS at the time you receive your order. UPS accepts cash and credit card payments.

§ 11 Deliveries

Zoovillage strives to always provide the best shopping experience possible with quick and easy delivery options.

Zoovillage currently delivers to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and selected countries within EU as well as outside of Europe. Read which countries we deliver to and each country's terms and conditions of delivery

Our third-party payment provider determines which countries we are able to deliver to.

Zoovillage is not responsible for delivery delays caused by the carrier.

§ 12 Damaged packages

All packages leaving our facilities are insured. If your package and/or contents are damaged when you receive your delivery, you should report it to the carrier/agent at the time of delivery, then contact Zoovillage immediately. If you have already retrieved and opened the package and discover damage to your items, contact Zoovillage. Complaints for transport damage must be submitted to us within a reasonable period of time after the damage was discovered or should have been discovered. A “reasonable time” for notification to UPS is 15 days from the scheduled/estimated delivery date or within 7 days from the date of delivery.

All product packaging and external packaging must be retained for inspection and evidence as needed. If transport damage is discovered upon delivery, the package must be kept in the condition it was received and photographed. You must then contact Zoovillage for further instructions on how to proceed with your complaint.

We will advise you on whether to send back the package or discard the packaging. This ensures compensation can be collected from the carrier for the complaint.

§ 13 Colors

To the furthest extent possible, we always strive to realistically represent the properties and colors of our products in our product images. However, the color you see at Zoovillage.com depends on your computer screen, and we cannot guarantee that your computer can reproduce the colors in our images accurately or in the same way as these appear in our system.

§ 14 “Abnormal shopping behavior” clause

We always guarantee a 14-day exchange and return period when you shop at Zoovillage.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that some of our customers exhibit abnormal shopping habits and a buying culture where Zoovillage's right to return is utilized to the fullest extent possible. We have therefore introduced an “abnormal shopping behavior” clause. Under this clause, we reserve the right to stop selling to a customer due to abnormal shopping behavior. If Zoovillage has reasonable grounds to suspect abuse, fraud, harassment, compulsive/pathological shopping behavior on the part of the customer or that the customer is acting as a reseller of the items being purchased, we will reject the order with reference to the clause on abnormal shopping behavior.

In this context, suspicion is based on a number of objective, non-discriminatory criteria including: consideration of the frequency of purchases, composition of the orders and/or returns, delayed returns/unclaimed orders, reports of missing items at the time of delivery or return, multiple returns of identical items or attempts to circumvent a previous refusal with false identity or alternate identity. At the same time, we emphasize that the clause refers to behavior that is systematic and does not refer to random/single cases.

The identification of a shopping pattern that we deem to be abnormal and beyond what we consider to be “acceptable purchasing behavior and acceptable shopping culture” is done using an algorithm based on a number of different parameters. If a customer is identified by the algorithm, we will evaluate whether it is appropriate to reject a customer’s order from Zoovillage - either temporarily or permanently - on a case-by-case basis. If you have an order rejected, you are considered a suspended/blocked customer. We will always notify you by email or verbally if we invoke this clause.

If we detect unacceptable shopping behavior as described above, we reserve the right to refrain from entering into transactions with the customer(s) concerned and/or to put the customer(s) in question on hold.

As is always the case, a purchase/agreement with Zoovillage is not finalized until we have sent an order confirmation and receipt.

The “Abnormal shopping behavior” clause does not prevent customers from returning orders that have already been approved but may prevent customers from making a purchase in some cases.

§ 15 Minors

Persons under the age of 18 must have the permission of a guardian to place an order.

§  16 Personal information

By registering with us and placing an order, you provide your consent for us to store and use your information in our operations so that we may fully provide the service you expect from us. We use your personal identity number/social security number to check your credit status and address. The credit check we perform is not registered in any public register and is therefore not visible to other companies or persons. We also ensure that we will not sell or transfer any of your personal information.

We partner with Klarna for payments and use the Klarna Checkout service. By providing your consent to our terms and conditions of sale, you also agree to the terms and conditions for the use of Klarna Checkout. Zoovillage and Klarna process your personal information in order to be able to offer you a simplified payment process through Klarna Checkout and to further simplify the payment process the next time you use Klarna's services. Zoovillage and Klarna process personal data in order to verify your identity, manage the customer relationship, prevent the improper use or abuse of the payment service, perform customer analyses, credit assessments, risk analysis, risk management, business development, for commercial and marketing purposes for our own benefit and the benefit of selected partners, and for general compliance with applicable legal requirements. We also assure our customers that we will not sell or transfer any personal data.

To read the Terms and Conditions for Klarna Checkout, click

§ 17 Cookies and privacy policy

We collect certain information from all visits to the Zoovillage.com website. We use this information to improve your user experience, evaluate individual website components and the use of the website, and to support Zoovillage.com marketing.

You can read more about what information we collect below as well as how we handle the information, who has access to the information and how you can contact us regarding questions you may have about our cookies and privacy policy and your privacy policy. Zoovillage.com collects information in accordance with applicable legislation. If Zoovillage.com processes any personal data, this is done in accordance with the provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act (now replaced by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation).

When you visit Zoovillage.com, we automatically detect your IP address and data when you navigate between different pages and services on the website. We strive to simplify the user experience for you as a customer, therefore, we also record your activities when you visit our website, for example, when you log in or choose to subscribe to our newsletter.

We use tools such as Google Analytics to collect statistics on the usage of Zoovillage.com in order to help us make your shopping experience even better.

Zoovillage collects information about website visitors in the following ways:

- By using cookies

- Through the information website users provide themselves (for example, your order information when you make a purchase)

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your web browser when you visit Zoovillage.com. Cookies are stored to enhance the website's features so that we may provide you with as simple and unique a shopping experience as possible. Cookies do not save your personal information.

Almost all websites today use cookies. The information in your cookies is sent between your browser and a web server, which includes information such as user settings, login information and how you use the website. Cookies are needed for us to be able to provide certain services on the website, as they are stored on your computer in order to help you navigate the website and ensure the best possible user experience. They also help with website analysis so we can improve the user experience.

How to disable cookies

If you do not want to Zoovillage.com to create cookies on your computer, you can either block all cookies, delete existing cookies or set up your computer so you receive a warning before cookies are saved.

If you do change your cookie settings, your user experience on our site may be impaired. We recommend that you review our cookie policy thoroughly before making any changes to your cookie settings. As a result, certain website features at Zoovillage.com may no longer work for you.

If you would like to change your cookie settings, you can do this in your browser's security settings. The steps for doing this may vary depending on which browser you are using.

How Zoovillage.com uses cookies

Cookies help us determine who is visiting our website, which in turn allows us to generate demographic data and customer-specific statistics. This information allows us to customize the user experience and create certain content and services that match your own and other customers' preferences.

Third-party cookies

Zoovillage.com works with a number of third-party services that have access to our site. Some of these services access our cookies to enable certain website features for our users. You can block third-party cookies in your browser settings.

One example of a third party is Google Analytics, which we use to collect statistics about how long you visit our website. We also partner with companies that help us develop online marketing content that is relevant to our visitors, for example, Facebook, Criteo and Nosto.

Website functionality

Zoovillage.com uses technical cookies. These are required to ensure the functionality of different parts of the website; these cookies are stored when you log in to Zoovillage.com to help us remember certain things about you next time you visit including, for example, the contents of your shopping cart.

Personal information and protection of personal data

We take the measures necessary to protect your personal information and do not share it with third parties, unless you have actively provided your consent for us to do so. The personal information we retain about our customers is information customers have provided in conjunction with a purchase, participation in a customer survey or similar. The information collected includes names, addresses, zip codes, email addresses, gender, age and purchase history. If you participated in a customer survey, for example, we have also saved your views on various topics.

We comply with all applicable legislation and store all information in a secure and confidential manner.

You are welcome to contact us regarding your personal data

If you would like to access the personal information we have saved, please contact our customer service at csse@zoovillage.com. This applies if you wish to update your personal information with us or request that we delete your personal information. We can also help you correct any incorrect data about you that we have registered.

§ 18 Fraud

All fraud attempts are reported to the police by our payment service provider. Zoovillage reserves the right to cancel a purchase in the event of suspected fraud. Fraud includes purchases, data breaches or other misuse of our website or products.

If you are exposed to fraud as a consumer, contact our payment service provider to report the incident.

§ 19 Guarantee

Zoovillage is an authorized reseller for all the brands we sell at Zoovillage.com. We can therefore guarantee that all the products we sell are genuine articles. If you find that the products you have purchased are defective, Zoovillage applies applicable consumer legislation, i.e., the product complaint is directed to the supplier. If you are not satisfied with your items due to obvious material or manufacturing defects, including damage that has occurred during shipping – inform us as soon as possible according to the instructions for complaints here.

§ 20 Print and misprints

We take responsibility for all information communicated through Zoovillage.com. This includes information communicated via all of our channels: website, newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, information in our packages and customer service. We are not responsible for all other information relating to Zoovillage that is communicated via channels other than our own official channels. We cannot guarantee that information provided through other websites or advertisements is correct and we therefore take no responsibility for this information.

§ 21 Force Majeure

Zoovillage is exempt from penalties for failure to perform certain contractual obligations under this agreement if the failure has been caused by circumstances beyond Zoovillage’s control as described below and the prevailing circumstance prevent, hinder or delay fulfillment of contractual obligations. Such circumstances include actions or omissions by a government authority, new or amended legislation, labor disputes, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, large-scale accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that have a negative impact on the market and products, e.g. restrictions in government indications, warning labels, bans on sale, etc., abnormal decline in the market and the company’s exposure to criminal activity that has an impact on the business.

§ 22 Support and accesibility

Zoovillage is a Swedish company and therefore offers service in English. In your communications with us, it is important that you write to us in English so that we can handle your case as soon as possible.

We want to ensure that you have the best possible shopping experience here at Zoovillage; you are always welcome to contact us if you need assistance. Contact us via our customer service form or

Whenever possible, we respond to inquiries received via email within the next 24 business hours from the time we received your email. Some inquiries may require further investigation and response times may therefore be slightly longer but no longer than 72 business hours. Note that our customer service department is closed on public holidays.

Also note that the time guarantee applies only to inquiries relating to actual purchases and orders and refers to weekdays. The response time for complaints is not included under this time frame guarantee and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Response times may therefore be longer for complaints.

§ 23 Company information

Zoovillage AB is a registered company with its registered office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Address: Zoovillage AB, Storängsvägen 23, 115 42 Stockholm.
Org. no.: 556632–1914
VAT: SE556632191401