Loake Shoemakers


Loake Shoemakers

The family business Loake Shoemakers has been manufacturing quality laced shoes since 1880. After five generations, the craft and tradition live on - the shoes are still made in the same factory in Kettering, England that Loake's ancestors opened in 1894.

The brand's hallmark is traditionally laced quality shoes in various models . Stripe stitching is a complicated craft process and each scoop takes 8 weeks to make. Despite that, the company has, since its inception, produced a breathtaking 50 million pairs of shoes.

The shoes are made from the finest premium materials and thanks to the water-resistant properties of the laced shoes, Loake 1880's shoes have become very popular on Scandinavia's wet and snowy streets.

Loake 1880's collections offer stylish, comfortable and durable shoes in models such as Oxfords, Derbies and Boots.

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