Sneakers from Common Projects

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Common Projects

Common Projects is an ongoing collaboration between artists and designers founded by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami. Formerly trained in industrial and graphic design, Prathan has served as art director for Visionaire/V Magazine and works with various design and advertising agencies in New York specializing in luxury branding. Flavio Girolami runs his own creative agency in Italy and is consultant for many Italian manufacturers. Combining their talents, they formed the company in the winter of 2004. Inspired by utilitarian design and luxury products, the designers set out to create minimalist luxury design basics and accessories. Common Projects' design philosophy is based around three principles: form, function and materials. The products offered are explorations of these basics. The designers set upon each product by reducing it to the lowest denominator and incorporating the finest materials and processes. Their inspiration is derived from common everyday objects which are infused with a tailored approach. Common Projects offerings are practical yet luxurious. Common Projects keep their branding intentionally generic. Each product is stamped inconspicuously with the factory identification code and style numbers. The result is a pure product free of a predetermined association.